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    Youtube Shorts || Youtube Shorts Video || downloadyoutube shorts

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    Introducing the shorter side of YouTube Shorts

    “YouTube Shorts” You can now create, edit and share short videos with “YouTube Shorts”. Whether you’re sharing your voice with the public or just making funny videos for your friends, all you need is your phone and an idea, and you’re in!

    So, what is “YouTube Shorts”? 

    Shorts are the place to shoot, share and binge short videos (think 60 seconds or less) on YouTube. This is where you can go to start trends, try dance challenges, bring your comedy ideas to life and more.

    So join the fun and connect with fans and friends who will love what you have to offer out there. No fancy equipment is required, and there’s no limit to what you can create.

    Make it with mobile

    “YouTube Shorts” lets you shoot and share vertical videos with the camera you carry everywhere: your phone.

    Just shoot a video on your phone and tweak the settings until it’s just right–you can speed up or slow down your recording, add filters, string videos together. are, can add captions, etc.

    Get started with “YouTube Shorts”

    YouTube is your Shorts soundtrack

    Music and audio bring “YouTube Shorts” to life. You can sample songs or audio clips from any eligible video from the YouTube library, add it to your Shorts and create video magic.

    Learn more about sampling audio

    Where your Shorts show up

    Connect with millions of YouTube viewers who watch Shorts every day.

    People can find and watch shorts on the YouTube homepage, in the Shorts tab on the YouTube app, and on your channel’s homepage.

    How people find your Shorts

    Join our invite-only Shorts Creator Community 

    Eligible Shorts creators can get exclusive support, advice and incentives from our Community Partner Managers (CPMs) to help you grow and really grow your channel.

    Apply Now 

    Receive exclusive invitations

    Our selected Shorts creators will be invited to special events, events and workshops.

    Collaborate with rising and established stars

    Expand your network and make new connections within the Shorts creator community and beyond.

    Get insider insights

    Our Community Partner Managers will keep you updated on the latest Shorts trends, updates and tricks and what they mean for your content.

    Get Shorts strategy expertise

    If you want learning about Shorts top practices and tips for success directly from YouTube Shorts experts.

    5 Steps to create a YouTube Short

    Get setup 

    1)          Getting started is easy. First of all Log in your YouTube account (or create a new) and Click on the Create button in the YouTube app. Then Click on “Create a Short”.

    Choose your music

    2)         Use YouTube videos as your shorts soundtrack. Here’s how: Once you find a song or audio that inspires you, tap the music icon, then tap “Use this sound.”

    Pro tip: You can also tap “Create” as a shortcut below the video’s watch page player.


    Record your Video

    3)          To record a clip, press and hold the capture button or tap it once to start and again to stop. You can change the speed of your recording, set timers, and combine string clips with just a few taps.


    Time to edit

    4)          After recording your short, you can add filters and captions. You can add multiple caption snippets along the timeline and control when text appears and disappears.


    Upload and share

    5)          You have filmed; You have filtered; Now it’s time to share your brief with the world. Once you’re happy, tap “Next” to add the title. Then, just tap “Upload” to finish!


    Keep the inspire going

    Get thoughts, tips, and more from the folks who know YouTube Shorts best, with  your fellow Creators and members of the YouTube Shorts team.

    Visit the Shorts tab

    What inspires you more than your fellow creators? Check out the Shorts tab on the YouTube app to see what other creators are up to, what’s trending, or just to get the creative juices flowing.

    Get the app


    Get tips on Shorts

    What inspires you more than your fellow creators? Check out the Shorts tab on the YouTube app to see what other creators are up to, what’s trending, or just to get the creative juices flowing.

    Check out our Shorts channel playlist

    Sign up for The Shorts Report

    The Shorts Report is a bi-monthly report that shares Shorts best practices to help you get creative, no matter where you’re starting.

    Get the Shorts Report

    How to make money with “YouTube Shorts” 

    Here we talk about The “YouTube Shorts” Fund is a greatest program that giving her Creators access to $100M Dollors across 2021years and 2022years to reward them for their involvement to YouTube’s community. If you’re a Creator that is shooting and sharing Shorts, you’re eligible to participate and make money on your Shorts videos! 

    How does “YouTube Shorts” Fund work?

    Each month, we’ll reach thousands of creators based on their channel’s Shorts performance in the previous month.

    Creators can qualify for between $100 and $10,000 in bonuses from the fund, with the amount adjusted based on performance metrics such as monthly Channel Shorts views and where their audience is located.

    Learn more about “YouTube Shorts” Fund

    Who is eligible?

    The monthly condition for the shorts bonus will be based on the performance of your channel shorts in the past month. You will also need:

    • Minimum Age For YouTube Shorts 13 years old, or the age of Depends on your country/region
    • For Find located in an eligibility country Criteria
    • Follow YouTube’s Rules, and Monetization Eligibility
    • Upload an original & Regularly YouTube Short in the Past 180 days.

    How the timeline works

    Here’s a little bit of what you suppose:

    Receive a bonus notification: After the first week of each month, qualifying shorts will receive a notification through email and YouTube app that they are eligible to pay bonuses from the SHARTS Fund. You will have the 25th of the month to claim your bonus.

    Get set up: You will need to accept the terms of YouTube and set up an adsense account so we can pay you. Once this happens, we will start payment.

    Get paid: Payments are issued between the 21st and 26th of next month. In the meantime, keep making shorts to qualify for more bonuses!


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