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    Nick Kyrgios – Novak Djokovic defeats Nick Kyrgios to win seventh Wimbledon title

    Novak Djokovic defeats Nick Kyrgios to win seventh Wimbledon title


    Nick Kyrgios - Novak Djokovic defeats Nick Kyrgios to win seventh Wimbledon title
     Nick Kyrgios – Novak Djokovic defeats Nick Kyrgios to win seventh Wimbledon title

    LONDON – Novak Djokovic used his steadfastness to win the fourth consecutive Wimbledon Championship on Sunday, beating Nick Kyrgios 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 (3). ) Beat and seventh overall.


    “It’s weird. I don’t think he did anything amazing today,” said the non-seeded Kyrgyz, offering an estimate that some may not agree with, given that Djokovic did last. Collected 31 winners in two sets and just eight errors, facing zero break points during this period.


    “But he was so composed. I was just thinking about myself. In the big moments, it felt like he was never upset. I think that’s his greatest strength: he never.” It doesn’t seem to be moving, “Kyrgios said, about which these words may not have been uttered. “He looks completely inside himself all the time. He didn’t seem to be playing more aggressively, although he did feel like he was playing big.”


    Among men, only Roger Federer, with eight, has won more titles at Wimbledon than Djokovic, and only Rafael Nadal has 22 more trophies.


    “The more you win, the more logical it is. The more confident you are, the more comfortable you will feel each time you step out on the court,” said top seed Djokovic, who told some spectators at the center court Glad to hear the slogans. Alias, “No-le! No-le!” When he presented the final point of a great tie-breaker.


    So far, Djokovic will not be able to pull off with Nadal even after winning the US Open, which starts in late August: the 35-year-old Serbian cannot enter the United States because he decided not to take any shots. Against COVID-19, this is why Djokovic missed out on the Australian Open in January.


    “I’m not vaccinating,” Djokovic said Sunday, “and I’m not planning to be vaccinated.”


    Except for his experience – one in 32 Grand Slam finals vs. Kyrgios – his skill and his clutch Jane shined in the final tiebreaker, and all of these qualities were present in two particularly important games that matched Helped to swing.


    1) “Important moments,” Djokovic called them.


    They were games in which Djokovic steeled himself, and Kyrgyz kept blinking. And the game that Kyrgios wouldn’t let go of when he started playing Ecolog, started shouting at himself or his delegation (not including a full-time coach), warning to curse. Finding a reason to disagree with the chair umpire, he shook his head. – Collided before the match, and chalked the water bottle.


    With Djokovic serving for the second set at 5-3, Kyrgyz got Pyaar-40 – giving him all three break points. But Kyrgyz made a comfortable comeback, and Djokovic eventually held it. “It was love -40! Could it be bigger than that?” Is it ?! Is it big enough for you ?! ”


    2) Djokovic watched.


    Djokovic’s coach, 2001 Wimbledon champion Goran Ivansovic, said: “He knew at this point, when Nick started talking, he would get weak.” “That’s what happened.”


    In the third set, Kyrgios served 4-all, 40-love, once again letting the seemingly sealed game go, which Djokovic broke there.


    “It was a huge change of pace,” Djokovic said, “because by that time we were quite equal.”


    Kyrgios was almost perfect in the first set, with 11 winners before he made his second forced error. Kyrgios, a 27-year-old 40-year-old from Australia, has never been knocked out of a quarter-final in the last 29 Grand Slams – and the last time he made it was 70 years ago.


    His skill is unparalleled. But over the years, Kyrgyz has preferred style over substance in court, its turbulence which has given it a taste for eviction and suspension and nightlife.


    In the last two weeks alone, Kyrgios has been fined $ 14,000 – one for spitting on a tumultuous spectator after winning the first round, and the other for sending a curse during the wildly controversial victory over No. . – and was caught wearing a red hat and shoes before or after matches where white clothing is required. It was also rumored that he would appear in court next month facing a charge of assault in Australia.


    On Sunday, Kyrgios tested shots between his legs, hitting some with his back to the net, scoring 136 mph and making 30 aces. He used underarm service, then forged it.


    Perhaps, in some ways, it would be appropriate for such a unique player to emerge as a champion in such a unique Wimbledon.


    All players representing Russia or Belarus were banned by the All England Club for attacking Ukraine. Among the men left out were No. 1-ranked Daniel Medvedev, reigning US Open champion, and No. 8 Andrei Rubio.

    In response, the WTA and ATP Expert Tennis Tours took the unparalleled step of stopping, all position points.



    3) A player born in Russia but


    Representing Kazakhstan for four years, Elena Rebakina won the women’s trophy on Saturday, defeating Ounce Jabyor 3-6, 6-2, 6-2. It was the first Wimbledon title match since 1962, when the two women made their Grand Slam final debut, and No. 23 Raibakina, the second-lowest female champion at the All-England club since the WTA computerized rankings began in 1975. ۔


    Federer missed the tournament for the first time since the late 1990s as he is still recovering from several operations on his right knee. The No. 2 man in the rankings, Alexander Zverev, tore off his ankles at the French Open and sat out. Three of the top 20 seeded men, including 2021 runner-up Matthew Barretini, withdrew after the start of Wimbledon because they had a positive experience for COVID-19.


    And Nadal withdrew before competing against Kyrgios in the semi-finals, the first time since 1931 that anyone had given a walkover in the semi-finals or final at Wimbledon.


    On Sunday, Djokovic had the trophy, as he often does. They trailed in the final, just as they did in the quarterfinals (when they were two sets down) and the semifinals. As he did in the French Open and Wimbledon finals last year. The way he faced two championship points against Federer in the 2019 final at the All England Club.


    Each time, he waited for the opportunity to overcome. Each time, he won.


    “That’s why the race continues,” Djokovic said after reaching 28 victories at Wimbledon. “I feel very connected to this court and this tournament, no doubt.”


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