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    Jay Briscoe dead at 38

    Yes, Mark and Jay Briscoe are real-life brothers. They are American professional wrestlers and have competed together in various promotions, including Ring of Honor (ROH) as The Briscoe Brothers. They are known for their tag team work and have won multiple tag team championships throughout their careers. They have been active wrestlers for more than two decades and are considered among the most successful tag teams in professional wrestling history.
    Lennie Briscoe, the character from the TV show “Law & Order,” had one daughter named Serena. Lennie’s daughter was a recurring character throughout the series and was portrayed by actress Michael Imperioli. Lennie was divorced from Serena’s mother and had a strained relationship with her daughter. Throughout the series, Lennie’s relationship with Serena was used as a way to explore Lennie’s personal life and to add depth to his character.
    It’s important to note that Lennie Briscoe is a fictional character and the information about his family is limited to what was presented on the show.


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