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    Ivana Trump – first wife of EX President Donald Trump, is dead at 73

    Former President Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump has died at the age of 73, the Trump family has confirmed in a statement.
    Ivana Trump - first wife of EX President Donald Trump, is dead at 73
     Ivana Trump – first wife of EX President Donald Trump, is dead at 73

    In a statement posted on Truth Social, Donald Trump called his first wife “a wonderful, beautiful and wonderful woman who lived a great and inspiring life.”
    Ivana’s son, Eric Trump, commemorated his mother in an Instagram post.

    “Our mother was an unbelievable woman – a force in business, a world-class competitor, a Bright beauty, and a caring mother and friend,” wrote Eric Trump. “He ran away from collectivism and clutch this country. He taught his children Tolerance and Hardness, concern and purposefulness.”

    The New York Police Department said in a statement that police found Ivana Trump irresponsible at the scene and that Emergency Medical Services pronounced her dead. There were no signs of abuse and the city’s medical examiner will determine the cause of death.

    Ivana Trump grew up in Gotwaldov, Czechoslovakia, south of Prague, according to a biography on the site of the nature agency CMG World-wide. She moved to England in the 1970s and worked as a ski instructor before embarking on a modeling career.

    Married to Donald Trump

    In 1976, she met Donald Trump during a working visit to New York. According to the biography, the couple married in 1977.

    Their first son, Donald Trump Jr., was born that year, followed by daughter Ivanka in 1981 and son Eric in 1984.

    Ivana and Donald were often tabloids and actively cultivated celebrity splendor around their wedding.

    Ivana Trump served as vice president of interior design for the Trump Organization. His design work included the Trump Tower, and he also served as chief executive officer of some of the Trump Hotel’s properties.

    The couple’s broken marriage spread on the tabloid cover and they finally divorced in 1992.

    Ivana Trump accused her husband of abusing her by tearing her hair out during her marriage, as described in the 1993 book Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald Trump. He withdrew the allegation in a statement issued just before the book was published. .

    “On one occasion in 1989, Mr. Trump and I had a marital relationship in which he treated me very differently during my marriage,” he said. “As a woman, I felt that the love and gentleness she used to show me was missing. I called it ‘rape’, but I didn’t want my words to be literal or criminal.” Explain. Feelings. “

    Donald Trump called the claim a “clear lie.”

    After the divorce, she made headlines, appearing in advertisements for national brands and taking advantage of her reputation by starting a cosmetics company, Ivana Haute Couture.

    She called herself a “first lady” in an interview with ABC News, sparking controversy after Trump’s election to the White House.

    “I have a direct White House number, but I don’t want to call her there because Melania is there and I don’t want to be jealous because I’m basically Trump’s first wife,” she said. “I’m the first lady.”

    Ivana Trump’s survivors include her three adult children, Donald, Ivana Trump and Eric, as well as several grandchildren.



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