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    Browns trade Baker Mayfield pick tops list of Cleveland QB’s taken in first round since 1999


    Browns trade Baker Mayfield pick tops list of Cleveland QB's taken in first round since 1999

    Cook Mayfield’s time in Cleveland at long last reached a conclusion on Wednesday, when he was exchanged to the Carolina Pumas trade for a contingent fifth-round pick. The No. 1 by and great pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, Mayfield’s visit in Cleveland extra up to only four years and 62 games.

    Mayfield joins the rundown of previous first-round quarterbacks who were chosen by the Browns since they got back to NFL in 1999. While his vocation in Cleveland visibly unsuccessful to amaze anybody, Mayfield without a hesitation charmed in more deed with the Toasts than the four past first-round quarterbacks who continuous him. Now that his experience with Cleveland is finished, we should rank where Mayfield’s Browns profession positions with the group’s other first-round picks at the situation over the beyond two or more many years.

    1. Cook Mayfield (2018-21)

    Nothing unexpected here. Mayfield counted a 6-7 beginning as a newbie while quarterbacking a group that went a joined 1-31 the past two seasons. His 27 score spends that year was the newbie record until it was outperformed by Justin Herbert in 2020.

    Mayfield and the Browns failed to meet expectations in 2019, however they more than compensated for it in 2020. Regardless of Odell Beckham missing the vast majority of the year with a physical issue, Mayfield understood the potential that was clear during his youngster crusade. Alongside tossing for the second-most yards in Browns history for a solitary season (just Bernie Kosar’s 1986 season was more productive), Mayfield tossed multiple times as numerous scores (26) than captures (8) during the normal season while driving the Browns to 11 wins, the most since the 1994 season. Mayfield then tossed three marks cards in Cleveland’s winner card succeed upon Pittsburgh, the founding’s most unforgettable spell finisher win in over 25 years.

    Like 2019, the 2021 season was a difficult one for Mayfield and his partners. In any case, notwithstanding managing various wounds, Mayfield made 14 beginnings (winning six of them) while tossing for north of 3,000 yards with additional scores (17) than picks (13).

    2. Tim Love seat (1999-03)

    The No. 1 pick in the ’99 Draft, Love seat had the unenviable undertaking of driving an extension establishment. Making the undertaking harder was the way that Lounge chair and the Browns imparted a division to two groups – – Baltimore and Pittsburgh – – that included anticipated guards that would rule the association well into the following 10 years.

    The Browns dominated only five matches those initial two years, with Love seat being the starter for everything except one of those successes. Things pivoted rather rapidly in 2001, when Butch Davis was employed in the wake of driving the Miami Storms back to public noticeable quality. Lounge chair drove the Browns to a 7-9 record in 2021 while turning into the fourth QB in establishment history to toss for north of 3,000 yards in a season.

    Lounge chair and the Browns were far and away superior the accompanying season. Love seat, who that season kept the second-most noteworthy single season finishing rate in establishment history, drove the Browns to the establishment’s most memorable season finisher billet since getting back to the NFL. However, with Sofa sidelined with injury, reinforcement quarterback Kelly Holcomb tossed for 429 yards in a 36-33 season finisher misfortune to Pittsburgh.

    Holcomb’s exhibition that day made a quarterback discussion that was rarely completely settled. Neither one of the players played to their true capacity in 2003, which prompted the Browns faltering to a 6-10 record. Sofa was delivered after the season and could at no point ever play in an ordinary season game in the future in the wake of experiencing a rotator sleeve and shoulder wounds.

    3. Brady Quinn (2007-09)

    Quinn showed up in Cleveland following a designed profession at Notre Lady. He generally sat the seat as a youngster prior to making three beginnings in 2008. In 2009, Quinn wound up settled in a quarterback debate with Derek Anderson. Quinn made 10 beginnings that season, going 2-8 preceding experiencing a season-finishing injury in Week 14.

    Quinn had three vital minutes during the ’09 season. In Seven days 10 misfortune to the Lions, Quinn turned into the main Browns quarterback to toss three scores in a single quarter. After fourteen days, he tossed for 271 yards and three scores in a misfortune to the Chargers. The next week, Quinn began during the Browns’ 13-6 win over the Steelers that basically thumped Pittsburgh from season finisher conflict.

    Cleveland eventually chose to focus on Anderson (who drove the Browns to a 10-6 record in 2010) while exchanging Quinn to the Mustangs. Quinn never began in Denver, however he made eight beginnings in 2012 as an individual from the Bosses. He would later have brief stretches with the Seahawks, Planes, Rams and Dolphins.

    4. Brandon Weeden (2012-13)

    A previous small time baseball player, Weeden was 28 when the Browns made him the 22nd generally speaking pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. He went 5-10 as the Browns’ starter that season while tossing for 3,385 yards with 14 scores and 17 picks.

    Weeden prevailed upon the beginning position Brian Hoyer in 2013, yet wounds restricted him to only five games in 2013. Weeden went 0-5 as a starter the accompanying season while tossing as numerous scores (9) as interferences. Delivered the accompanying offseason, Weeden made three beginnings in Dallas and one more begin for the Texans once again the following two seasons. Weeden didn’t endeavor a pass for the Texans in 2018, his last year in a NFL uniform.

    5. Johnny Manziel (2014-15)

    The polarizing, previous Heisman Prize champ made only eight beginnings in two years with the Earthy colors. After two terrible beginnings as a freshman (he was mysteriously tossed into the beginning setup late in the year regardless of Hoyer driving the Browns to a 7-6 beginning), Manziel dominated his most memorable match as a starter in Week 2 of the 2015 season. In a 30-9 misfortune in Pittsburgh in Week 10, Manziel set vocation highs by finishing 33 passes for 372 yards. He won his next start four weeks after the fact, a 24-10 win over the 49ers that saw him toss for 270 yards with one score and one capture. This would act as the apex of Manziel’s NFL profession.

    Throughout the following two games, Manziel finished only half of his tosses as the Browns lost the two challenges by a joined score of 47-26. Manziel was dormant for the Browns’ normal season finale with a blackout, however reports immediately surfaced that he was in Las Vegas during the few days of the game as opposed to being with the group. Further off-field issues prompted his delivery that slow time of year. Manziel was never gotten by another NFL group.




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