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    What is Depression | Today Latest Health Tips & Tricks By Mixchar

    What is Depression | Today Latest Health Tips & Tricks By Mixchar
    What is Depression | Today Latest Health Tips & Tricks By Mixchar

    Almost everyone suffers from mental tension or depression in this age of mental and immense problems. Some tension can be removed from the mind but there is also some tension which if you try to remove it from the mind you will not succeed. The patient suffering from depression should not be left alone, should be kept busy in any work, meeting people and the kindness of such patients is very important.

    Try to keep them satisfied and make them believe that they are not the only ones who are facing problems. To prepare yourself to deal with these situations because human life is also full of problems.

    In this advanced age where one has to suffer from other problems, there is also a big problem of depression. According to doctors, depression is a common disease, tension gives rise to other diseases, women are more prone to depression than men.

    Men vent their anger on others, while women have more responsibilities than men, more housework than other chores, which contributes to depression, whereas women in rural areas have more responsibilities. Depression is more common in urban women. Tension makes it difficult to make decisions, while physical fatigue and irritability can lead to loss of appetite and weight.

    Most of the time we put anxiety on our minds. Anxiety is an essential part of life, just as light is identified with darkness, happiness is also identified with anxiety. Anyone suffering from tension or depression, Trying to keep busy will reduce her focus on anxiety. Men’s attention is diverted because they are busy working outside the home, but women who are called housewives are at home. They cannot share their worries with anyone and their attention cannot be diverted to any other place. In such cases, they have to consult a doctor.

    Every person’s experience is different. Despair, loss of something, failure, loneliness and especially loneliness of old age also cause tension. Some people do not seem to have any cause or reason for depression but still They get this disease. Sometimes too much medicine can cause tension. Inflammation of a person can lead to the fact that at such a young age they have taken so many medicines that they will have to take them for life. They do not think so. That in modern times there is no incurable disease, in the past there were many diseases which could not be cured, for example TB, diabetes, cancer, these diseases were incurable.

    As man progressed, along with convenience, diseases began to arise and today it is a sign of progress that every work is being done by machines which has not only polluted the environment but also the rate of longevity of man. This is the reason why the young generation is also suffering from various diseases. Doctors say that the treatment of mild tension or depression is possible through dialogue.

    The patient can consult a psychiatrist if the cause of the patient’s anxiety or difficulties is known. It may be easier to treat the patient. As time passes, Allah grants patience. In such cases, some patients are given sedatives. Medications are used in severe depression and sleeping pills release the patient temporarily in the patient’s mood. There is a temporary improvement. It can be got rid of by following the doctor’s instructions but also see that excessive use of medicines is not good for health.



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