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    Sweet, juicy chicory | healty tip of the day | daily health tips | health tips for adults | health tips for seniors | health tips for women | today latest Health tips

    Sweet, juicy chicory

    Sweet, juicy chicory | healty tip of the day | daily health tips | health tips for adults | health tips for seniors | health tips for women | today latest Health tips

    Due to its sweetness, chicory is energizing and removes physical weakness. . This property is due to glucose.

    It is an evergreen fruit. It is found in many varieties in Central America, Mexico, India and Pakistan. It is rich in calories and can be added to mango, banana and potato.

    It is available in both round and oval shapes. It is usually up to 3 inches long and weighs 150 grams. It has two to five black seeds. When the fruit is raw, its surface is hard. And the pulp is white, because it contains the juice of milk color. As the fruit ripens, the juice decreases and the color of the pulp becomes brown.

    It is an easily digestible fruit which is rich in vitamins and minerals. As it is sweet, it is also made into a shake.

    17 Big Benefits of Tiny Mini Chico:

    1. It is a useful fruit for eyesight as it contains Vitamin A. It is also an elixir of fruit for the elderly and is the best natural medicine for overcoming visual impairment.

    2. Instant energy is the best fruit. People who do more physical work will feel better if they use it to restore energy. It is a fruit that relieves fatigue.

    3. It prevents inflammation and removes internal inflammation. It also restores the digestive system. It also removes inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

    4. This antioxidant fruit also contains vitamins A and B. It soothes the skin and resists cancer.

    5. Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron are the two minerals present in it which make bones strong.

    6. Chico also contains fiber, so eating it relieves constipation. It benefits the lining of the large intestine.

    7. Extremely nutritious ie powerful fruit. New expectant mothers must eat it. It facilitates motherhood and prevents nausea in the early months.

    8. It also has antiseptic capacity. In addition to potassium, folate and niacin, the combination of iron strengthens the digestive system.

    9. It is a fruit that prevents diarrhea and diarrhea. It also eliminates hemorrhoids.

    10. It is a fruit that removes fatigue, nervous stress, insomnia and boredom of nature. It calms the nerves.

    11. Cold and phlegm-removing fruit, experienced in chronic cough.

    12. Lose weight and reduce obesity.

    13. Removes waste products from the body.


    For the beauty and growth of hair, it is important that we eat nutritious foods and also digest them. Applying oil extracted from chicory seeds keeps hair soft and supple. It is easily absorbed in them. It is free from grease. If there is itching or inflammation in the scalp, its seed oil can help.

    15. Grinding its seeds and mixing castor oil in it and applying it on the scalp makes hair shiny and soft.

    16. Fruit that maintains the beauty of the skin. Especially eliminates the effects of aging.

    17. Fruit protein is never harmful to health but helps the body to grow.



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