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    sugar cane Possessing innumerable benefits

    Sugarcane is the most widely grown crop in the world and the countries where it is cultivated include Pakistan. Sugarcane is harvested in January and February in our country. Its plant height is from six Bales are formed up to twelve feet and about every half foot, while the crop takes almost a full year to produce.

    According to research, sugarcane juice contains abundant amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Its juice protects against heart diseases and does not increase cholesterol levels, while it is good for kidneys and liver. Also beneficial. Guna naturally cleanses the liver and kidneys and increases their efficiency.

    The sugarcane is first pressed and juiced, then jaggery or sugar is made from it.

    If those people, who feel less hungry, drink 25 grams of sugarcane juice, 6 grams of ginger juice, one gram of lemon juice, black salt and roasted cumin seeds in proper quantity, then the hunger will disappear. People who are very thirsty should also consume sugarcane juice.
    By using it, urinary obstruction and irritation are eliminated. While drinking pomegranate and sugarcane juice together, bloody stools are stopped.

    If sugarcane juice is mixed with honey and drunk, then vomiting stops. Sugarcane is a very good food for the working class as it contains excess amount of calories, which leads to increase in energy. Jaggery It is also beneficial in clearing the stomach, phlegm, cough, asthma and chest pain, while the use of jaggery is also beneficial for children who suffer from weak bones and teeth defects. Also, children who have worms in their stomachs, if they are fed jaggery with adequate quantity of pulse seeds, the worms die.



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