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    How to hair grow faster | How to Hair Protection

     How to Hair Protection

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    It is said that a woman’s beauty is hidden in her hair but it takes proper time and effort to achieve beautiful and long hair because beautiful hair is a mirror of personality. They also affect the personality, so in order to maintain the natural shine and beauty of the hair, it is important to take proper care of the hair as the general attractiveness of the hair depends on the health of the hair.
    For shiny, beautiful and long hair, it is necessary to take some precautionary measures, by adopting which not only the hair can be saved from various problems but also the health of the hair can be maintained.
    The real secret of hair health lies in your diet because hair needs protein, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients and always wash your hair with cold water.
    Do not dry wet hair by rubbing it with a towel. This will make the hair split ends. One hour before washing the hair, massage it with lukewarm coconut oil or mustard oil and always keep the hair covered.
    Drink as much water as possible. Excessive use of water plays an important role in keeping hair healthy.
    The best way to get rid of dry hair is to apply yoghurt on the scalp. Apply yoghurt on the scalp and leave it for 20 minutes, then wash the scalp first with warm water and then with cold water.

    For curly and dull hair, mix two teaspoons of mustard oil in a quarter cup of yogurt and apply it on the hair roots. After half an hour, wash your head.
    Mix one pound of lentils with egg and dry it. When it is dry, grind it finely. Washing the head will stop hair loss.
    Mix two tablespoons of apple juice in warm water and wash your head after ten minutes. Repeat this process two to three times a week. It will not only stop hair loss but will also make it black and shiny.

    Mixing a little turmeric in olive oil can also cure hair loss.
    Put coconut or mustard oil in a glass bottle. Coat a handful of fenugreek seeds and a handful of amla and put it in it. Keep this oil in the sun. After 21 days, start applying this oil on the scalp. Rather, the hair will begin to grow faster.
    Do not leave this oil on the scalp for more than two to three hours as too much fat will do more harm than good.
    If the hair becomes dull, coarse and dry then apply aloe vera and wash it when it is dry. Using it will not only eliminate dryness of the hair but will also make the hair soft and supple.
    Mixing two parts of olive oil and one part of lemon juice and applying it on the hair will eliminate dryness. If hair is massaged with olive oil before going to bed at night, the hair will never turn white.
    Massage the hair with white onion juice. Apply mustard oil after four hours and wash the head after a while. It is not only useful for falling hair but it also gives new hair.




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