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    health benefits | 10 Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle


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    health benefits | 10 Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle


    When we talk about health, most of the emphasis tends to be on our body’s physical health—how it looks and feels. While this is certainly important, it’s not the only factor to consider when thinking about how healthy you are. There are other aspects of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being that can contribute to your overall level of health and well-being, including your relationships with others and even your work life. One of the easiest ways to feel healthier in all aspects of your life? Start living a healthier lifestyle today.


    1) Improved energy levels

    When we’re not taking care of our health, it shows. A healthy lifestyle can do wonders for our energy levels and overall well-being. Have you ever noticed that while exercising (or even doing something as mundane as housework) you feel more alert and awake? It’s not just your imagination: exercise is one of many ways to kickstart your metabolism and give yourself that extra boost needed throughout the day.


    2) Stronger immunity system

    People who lead healthy lifestyles are much more likely to fight off colds, flu and other ailments. Because their bodies don’t have to work so hard, they also maintain good health for longer than those who live unhealthy lives. A healthy lifestyle means you don’t have to worry about getting sick!


    3) Reduced inflammation

    Studies show that eating more vegetables and fruits reduces inflammation, which is linked to heart disease, cancer, obesity, depression and more. Packed with antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin (which are also found in egg yolks), spinach can reduce your risk of age-related macular degeneration—the most common cause of blindness in older adults. And dark chocolate? A compound called epicatechin could help protect against some cancers and heart disease by slowing down cell damage.


    4) Reduced risk of diabetes and obesity

    Eating well and exercising regularly can help reduce your risk of diabetes and obesity, both conditions that can lead to heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and other health issues. It’s never too late to start eating healthy—whether it’s making small changes to your diet like cutting down on sugar or taking up exercise by walking at lunch every day.


    5) Better sleep quality

    Not only can getting enough shut-eye help you stay refreshed and focused, it can also improve your memory and make you happier. Scientists have found that our body’s circadian clock ticks faster when we get more sleep, which in turn raises levels of chemicals associated with positive moods. While seven to eight hours might be ideal for most adults, everyone is different—in fact, recent studies have shown that some people need as little as five hours to be at their best.


    6) Improved skin health

    The skin is one of your body’s largest organs, and keeping it well-maintained is essential for good health. It also plays a key role in keeping other organs healthy—hence why skin diseases can be a sign of larger problems. The best way to treat your skin well is through diet and exercise; both help keep pores clear and hydrated, slowing aging (you’ll have fewer wrinkles!) and boosting overall health.

    7) Weight management support

    Your health is influenced by your weight. If you have an unhealthy BMI, it’s time to change your lifestyle habits. A healthy diet combined with moderate exercise and regular monitoring of your health can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure.


    8) Peaceful mind

    If your thinker is at peacetime, your body will follow. Simple activities like reading or taking a quiet walk can ease stress and anxiety. (1) So, take time each day to clear your mind and relax. Your health will be better for it. Additionally, you’ll sleep more soundly because of reduced stress levels—another boon for overall health!


    9) preventive care

    We’re all aware that it’s smart to eat right and exercise. But maintaining good health is about more than just diet and exercise. We must also know what preventive screenings are appropriate for our age groups—and visit our doctors regularly for these screenings—to ensure we have caught any potential diseases or illnesses early, when they can be treated most effectively. If you don’t already have a family doctor, make an appointment with one soon so you can get on track with your preventive care.


    10) tricare for life

    If you’re over 65, you might be eligible for TRICARE For Life, which is essentially Medicare at no additional cost. As with Original Medicare and other medical plans, TRICARE For Life includes a range of plan options to suit your needs. Some cover everything from inpatient hospital care to prescription drugs and dental care.


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