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    Flu – Flurona &Corona | Today Latest Health tips&Tricks By


    Flu - Flurona &Corona | Today Latest Health tips&Tricks By
    Flu – Flurona &Corona | Today Latest Health tips&Tricks By

    In the last month, reports of flu and flu have been circulating among the people across the country. If someone gets sick, how do they know if they have the flu or Covid-19?

    Medical experts say that the final scientific result is a test.
    Because the causes and symptoms of these two diseases are more or less the same. Viruses that can cause colds, flu, and Covid-19 spread evenly.
    The infection is similar. The virus is easily transmitted from person to person through tiny droplets from the nose and mouth of infected people.

    A person who is exposed to this infection can spread the virus if they do not know it.
    If the test is delayed and the condition worsens, then people begin to feel psychologically ill while their immune system is weakening.
    Some people who are infected with the corona virus and do not experience any of these symptoms can also spread the disease. Medical experts say that the symptoms of cough, fever, fatigue and muscle aches are a combination of common flu and Covid-19.
    A person with corona can distinguish the sense of taste and smell from the common flu and these are actually one of the symptoms.

    Common colds, nasal congestion or runny nose, sore throat and fever can be reported. You should limit the information available online to a cursory study. It also contains a number of misleading news. Different viruses merge to form a new disease, and it is possible for a person to become infected with the common flu as well as corona.
    Some experts are calling this new condition “Florona”. Any kind of co-infection when combined with another virus can be serious.
    Cases of influenza are also increasing in Pakistan. These viral infections cannot be ignored. Flu testing should also be done.
    Western countries are far ahead of us in medical facilities. We do not have the facility to do flu testing at home. Vaccines have the advantage of preventing the spread of viruses and will be safer if vaccinated against the flu and covid vaccine.

    تازہ ترین اپڈیٹ کے لیے ہمارا وٹس ایپ گروپ جوائن کریں



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