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    The importance and usefulness of water and fiber | Simple health tips | Health News Today | Health tip of the week | Health tips in english | Natural health tips

    The importance and usefulness of water and fiber | Simple health tips | Health News Today | Health tip of the week | Health tips in english | Natural health tips
     The importance and usefulness of water and fiber | Simple health tips | Health News Today | Health tip of the week | Health tips in english | Natural health tips

    Given the importance of drinking water for human life, it is not understood that everyone is drinking less water according to their needs and their body, as a result it becomes difficult for the body to To keep the cells and body water in proper condition. During this time the body actually performs its function in difficult conditions and also indicates that there is a lack of water, which requires drinking one or two glasses of water and Even then, you often have to drink water in the next 24 hours.

    There is also a secret sign of dehydration in the body, i.e. difficulty in defecation due to severe constipation, ie severe constipation, for which constipation medicine is not the right solution.

    In addition, the rest of the body needs more water, ie the vital organs (heart, liver and brain), eyes, kidneys and other parts of the body can suffer from various disorders due to lack of water, which Some of them may be dangerous, but there is no lesson to be learned from them, because the medicine of constipation gives temporary relief, but other problems remain in the body.

    Other problems caused by drinking less water are also overlooked, namely the pains that occur during urination and the color of urine becomes darker, in which the medicine gives temporary relief. During this time, stones start to form in the upper urinary tract, some of which are excreted out of pain or have to undergo surgery.

    All of these problems are self-inflicted, the solution being to drink 10 glasses of water a day and even more in hot countries, but the lesser drinker mistakenly thinks that tea, food and other sweet drinks compensate for the water. In fact, eating food requires water at different times, which does not mean drinking tea, coffee, cola drinks or other sweet drinks, etc., because of their effect, the body loses more water and Nor can fruit juice solve this problem.

    In fact, drinking water means drinking fresh and cold water more than thirst, which has no color, no fragrance, no sugar, no artificial sugar and no content, such as phosphate, etc., but only Be water

    Other signs of dehydration include fatigue and lack of stamina, which are often mistaken for overwork, lack of rest or misbehavior of children.

    Research has shown that the cause of fatigue is lack of water and if more water is drunk than thirst, then all these ailments are removed and there is a

     significant increase in physical strength. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of this fact. I have no doubt that for a tired and exhausted person, water, if drunk more than thirst, is the water of life.

    Ways to drink water

    The above indications of water requirement are easy for older adults to understand, which can be corrected by drinking more water, but what can be done for children? In fact, children need guidance, so that they can drink water Get in the habit of drinking.

    In our country, not only are children not encouraged to drink water, but they are also deprived of water. Some parents deprive their children of water even at night. Do not urinate in bed, as a result the child does not get in the habit of drinking water and his bad habit of drinking less water starts from the beginning.

    Young children should be encouraged to drink water from the beginning.

    Children who need water will definitely drink water, even if they refuse, they should be encouraged to drink water.

    The metabolism of a young child is faster than that of an adult. Due to its high developmental requirements, it is more affected by dehydration. All parents know that the child How sensitive you are to mild fever, vomiting and diarrhea, which can be caused by dehydration, water imbalance and unavailability of water to keep the body in a balanced state.

    We need to make water availability accessible to children. Children should be encouraged to drink water, but not be forced to do so. They should be encouraged to drink water repeatedly between meals, so that children There is no need to ask for water, not

     just when they are thirsty. From the very beginning of life we ​​should inculcate in the children the habit of drinking water, so that they become accustomed to drinking water all their lives and drinking water. Let them have their own responsibility.

    In fact, it is not uncommon for children to become accustomed to drinking water by themselves.

    The abundance of fiber

    Most people have dehydration as well as other deprivations, ie lack of fiber in the diet (straw) or unleavened flour. Increases the volume of (Rougharge).

    This dietary fiber is very useful and essential and is very healthy, especially the fiber that comes from fruits, vegetables and whole grains. happens.

    The relationship between fiber and semen has always been well-known. Its extreme benefits have only recently been discovered.

    According to him, lack of fiber in the diet can lead to hemorrhoids, tumors of the colon, appendicitis, the presence of prominent varicose veins in the legs, large intestines.

    Diverticular disease of the colon and gastrointestinal upset of the stomach occur.

    According to the latest information, due to the lack of fiber in the diet, the accumulation of feces in the lower intestine also increases the chances of colon cancer.

    So, instead of fruit juice, eat perfect fruits. Eat all kinds of vegetables, whole grains, beans, salads, peeled pulses, cooked and raw all kinds. ۔

    In fact, the basic question to ask yourself is what is a good diet? What food does the body need? How does the body function and what is being done and what is being done in this regard? Low fat milk and yogurt Should eat

    Fruit peels that can be eaten should also be eaten. Flour should be without sifting. Similarly, vegetables should also be with peels. Food should contain fat, oil and sugar at least. Water should be saturated between two meals. Do drink

    According to Dennis Burkett, nations that have large wastes have less need to build large hospitals. Water and dietary fiber should be increased as much as possible, so that we can control many deadly fatal diseases. Fiber has many benefits for health and well-being. Spaghetti is also a good source of dietary fiber. These benefits are actually more or less than the benefits of vitamins and minerals.



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