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    Pumpkin, a combination of dietary fiber and water | Today Latest Health Tips&Tricks by


    Pumpkin, a combination of dietary fiber and water | Today Latest Health Tips&Tricks by
    Pumpkin, a combination of dietary fiber and water | Today Latest Health Tips&Tricks by

    Pumpkin is now being sold in Pakistan in almost every season, but in fact it is a summer vegetable. It is rich in its natural ability to keep our body cool. The human body is such a masterpiece of nature that every The weather has been made to be tolerated to a reasonable extent. The internal temperature of the body remains the same in the state of fitness.

    In summer, we are afraid of sweating. In fact, it is a natural system that releases excess body heat. The causticity is expelled and the body temperature is controlled by the brain beneath an coordinates framework.
    After sweating, we feel cold in the body. This symptom is not a condition. If heat is not released through sweat, then the body burns like an oven and the body parts cannot perform their functions properly.

    This is an automatic system of nature. In summer, blood is usually thin.  Sweat is released from the pores of skin. Month. In this month we should consume foods that keep the body system soft, active and active and help to eliminate the effects of heat.
    Pumpkin is a vegetable with many health benefits which is rich in medical and nutritional benefits and is a favorite vegetable of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In particular, it should be part of the diet. The gourd is round or oval and has a long outer surface with green skin and a soft, smooth surface inside.
    The seeds are half an inch long and a quarter of an inch wide in the middle. This vegetable contains mineral salts such as calcium, potassium and steel.
    When making pumpkin, it is better to keep the amount of water low as most of this vegetable consists of water. Is.
    Pumpkin juice, soup and broth are also considered useful for people suffering from heart diseases. Like any vegetable, gourd also contains dietary fiber which improves the digestive system.  Drinking extract is useful. Patients with diabetes often feel thirsty. Pumpkin helps to quench thirst.

    It is also a marquee of beauty

    It keeps our skin clear and transparent.
    It is effective for oily skin.  It also removes dryness of the scalp. A tried and tested way to get rid of dry skin is to mix gourd and amla juice with equal weight and apply this solution on the whole scalp and massage with soft hands and after half an hour simple The head should be washed with water. If young girls with acne prone skin drink pumpkin juice, the balance of oil released from the skin can be maintained. In this way, pumpkin plays a key role in keeping the skin healthy and radiant. Is.



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