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    Sweet and sour, juicy Orange hi Orange

    Sweet and sour, juicy Orange hi Orange

    Among the juicy winter fruits, there is also a fruit called Orange, which is very popular due to its unique taste. This sweet and sour fruit, which is rich in nutrition, contains innumerable components that have beneficial effects on physical health. As vitamin E is found in Orange, which is very beneficial for eye cells, consumption of Orange provides protection against cataracts.

    It is also rich in vitamin C, which brings a natural glow to the face. Orange is also an elixir for the heart and liver. People who suffer from kidney pain or urinary irritation should take three to four cups daily. Eat Orange, you will feel better in few days. Orange purifies the blood.

    This improves the digestive system, the food is digested quickly and the pain of constipation is also relieved.

    Daily consumption of Orange not only helps in reducing obesity, but can also get rid of deadly diseases like cancer. Then it keeps cholesterol level and blood pressure under control, Vitamin C in it delays the effects of aging. So, eat Orange daily in winter and maintain good health.
    Generally, the cano peel is thrown in the dustbin at home, although not only cano, but also seasonal and orange peels are not less useful.

    If you mention the skins of Orange, it contains vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid, polyphenol (polyphonol) and fibers (fiber) etc. Thus, Orange skins are used in different ways, but what You know that its peels also make delicious coffee. To make coffee, first clean the skins of the cano well. give

    When the color of the water changes, turn off the stove. Now strain it and pour it into a cup and enjoy the delicious coffee. If this coffee is consumed daily during the winter season, it improves digestion. The complexion brightens and the skin becomes fresh and radiant. A soap made from cano peel removes the yellowness of the teeth and makes them clean and shiny.

    Also, the bad breath is also removed. To make sufof, first wash the peels well and dry them in the sun. Then grind or grind them on a sieve to make sufof. If you put cano peels in the bath water. If given, their effectiveness removes physical fatigue and provides refreshment. This water also has beneficial effects on the skin. If any part of the body is bitten by an insect and becomes inflamed, then Rubbing the bark removes toxicity and relieves inflammation.

    To remove the smell from the clothes, if you wash and dry the cano peels and put them in the closet, then the clothes will get rid of the smell and they will smell pleasant. Most of the women are very worried about the unpleasant smell of kitchen waste If they live, they should put a few cano peels in the garbage bag to get rid of the smell. Cano peels contain a naturally occurring chemical that repels flies, mosquitoes and other insects. run away, so in the part of the house where flies and mosquitoes come more, put canoe skins there, flies and mosquitoes will not come. Often the stoves are stained with grease and curry, so they should also be covered with canoe skins. Can be cleaned from




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