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    Nuts A wealth of energy

    Nuts… A wealth of energy

    Nuts A wealth of energy
    Nuts A wealth of energy

    With the onset of winter, dry fruits are used as an invigorating food. They give the body a feeling of strength and heat and fight the winter cold. Such dry fruits also include wal nuts. .The pulp of which is used with great interest.Which is very energetic and useful. Dry fruits and their pulp have been used as food in the early stages of life.

    But in the light of modern research, their usefulness is increasing again. Nuts include almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, etc.
    According to a study, nuts contain 13 to 20 percent of protein, 50 to 60 percent of fat, 9 to 12 percent of starch, 3 to 5 percent of calories and 1 percent of several other minerals.

    According to research, six hundred calories are produced in one hundred grams of nuts.

    Unlike vegetables, the amount of oil in nuts is very high, but it produces oil equal to half of its total weight. The ability to produce oil is more than the ability to produce energy. Nuts should be used in their natural state. Walnut is one of the most important dry fruits used in winter due to its nutritional value.

    The people of the cold snowy regions use it abundantly to fight the extremes of the weather and it is also used by the people of the plains. It gives a feeling of strength and warmth in the body in winter due to its nutritional heat. This is why it is used as food and medicine.
    In Pakistan, walnut trees are abundant in the areas of Balochistan, Swat, Murree, Azad Kashmir.

    While walnut trees are also found in abundance in Iran and Afghanistan. The length of a walnut tree is usually from one hundred to one hundred and twenty feet and the girth is from twelve to thirty feet. After thirty years, this tree begins to bear fruit. and sometimes it takes more than forty years. When its fruit is collected, it is not used because at that time they release a milky fluid.

    After three months, this milky fluid solidifies into muz, which is called muz walnut, and then it is used as a dry fruit in winter for nutrition. According to the chemical analysis, 1000 grams of walnuts contain the following components:
    Water 3.1 grams, carbohydrates 20.5 grams, fat 59.3 grams, fat 14.8 grams, fiber 1.7 grams, ash 2.32 grams, calcium 0.15 grams, phosphorus 5.70 grams, steel 6.0 grams, sodium 3.0 grams, potassium 5.60 grams, vitamin B1 0.22 grams. Vitamin B2 0.11 grams, calories 628 grams, usually walnut pulp is used, but doctors also use walnut peel, leaves and roots as medicine for various diseases.

    Following are the uses of walnut kernel in different ways and diseases.
    To improve the digestive system, grind the nut of walnut and apply it on the navel. The cramps stop. If the nut is soaked in vinegar for some time, then the weakness of the stomach is removed, because the nut is digested slowly. Therefore, it should be used sparingly, as it has high oil content and therefore spoils the skin.

    Therefore, it should not be used after keeping for a long time.
    Sig gazidi means dog bite treatment
    Mixing walnuts and onions in equal weight with a little salt and applying it to the bite of a dog will remove its poison.
    Nutmeg Walnut Jam
    This jam is very useful for those who have a cold.

    The way to prepare it is to take fresh walnut kernels, remove the fine skin on top, fill them in an earthen pot and fill them with water, then add salt and take it out after 24 hours, clean it with water and shade it. Dry them and fill them with honey so that the nuts sink under them. Now keep them in a jar and use them.
    Boil the walnut root in olive oil until it dissolves, then apply it to the hemorrhoids.

    Cough and throat diseases
    Two grams of seven multhi with roasted nuts, five nuts of pumpkin and three grams of honey with honey is useful in cough and throat diseases.
    Walnut oil
    The amount of pigment in walnuts is more than other dry fruits. It is quite hot. By massaging it, blood circulation is accelerated.

    Which provides immediate relief from winter muscle pain and is also useful in paralysis. Applying walnut oil and olive oil in equal amounts on the scalp eliminates acne.
    Black hair
    This trick is useful for maintaining hair color and preventing gray hair:
    Green walnut peel 15 gms
    Alum 2 grams
    Banole oil 250 grams
    Put the coconut oil in a bowl of sugar and add the walnut shells in it and heat it on a low flame so that the moisture in the walnut shells evaporates and the color becomes black. can use



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