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    Easy Homemade Kitchen Tips&Tricks | Today Latest Tips About Kitchen Tip No # 0002

    Easy Homemade Kitchen Tips&Tricks | Tip No # 0002

    باورچی خانے کے لیے آسان گھریلو ٹوٹکے

    When cooking vegetables, when the oil is heated, add a pinch of turmeric and then add the vegetables, the natural color of the vegetables will remain.

    Like ordinary vegetables, salad leaves can be cooked in a little oil with garlic, salt and pepper.

    Whenever you have to roast chicken, do not keep it too long after filling it with spices so that it retains its freshness and germs do not get a chance to flourish. Fill it completely, then it will come out. After filling the spice inside the chicken, seal this casina with needle thread, then tie the chicken legs tightly with the chicken and its wings by turning it backwards. The chicken is ready for roast.

    Salted butter is stored in the freezer for up to 6 months, while pale butter is stored for only 3 months.

    Steam the beetroot for just 15 minutes to retain its color and flavor.

    To make a delicious potato filling, first bake aloe vera. Then peel it and mash it well in a little milk and butter, then add spices as per your taste and cook. Gets better

    Put three feet of sugar in an empty bottle of syrup and pour a little warm water on top. The sugar will dissolve and become syrup. Now carefully cover this bottle and keep it in the fridge. In case of sudden arrival of guests, you can prepare syrup, squash or squash from the same syrup. Will be.

    Before freezing a large cake, make a slice of it and place non-stick paper between each slice.  This way you can take out the slices as needed instead of the whole cake and serve. Are

    When extracting honey or any kind of kajmahua syrup from a bottle, if you use a steel spoon dipped in hot water, the honey or syrup will not stick to the spoon.



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