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    Benefits of Kiwi Fruit | Today Latest Health Tips & Tricks

      Benefits of Kiwi Fruit | Today Latest Health Tips & Tricks

    Benefits of Kiwi Fruit | Today Latest Health Tips & Tricks

    Kiwi fruit is an excellent fruit with delicious and unique taste which is eaten with peels and seeds. And drinks and ice cream and desserts are also prepared.
    Kiwi fruit or Chinese gooseberry is considered to be the most nutritious fruit in the group of soft and juicy fruits.
    Its botanical name is Actinidia chinensis. This native fruit of China has special fame all over the world. Kiwi fruit is called Yangtoo in Chinese language. Arrived in New Zealand via traders and travelers, where the delicious young fruit was named Kiwi Fruit, now known worldwide by the same name.

    Kiwi fruit tastes similar to strawberry, rhubarb and gooseberry.
    Kiwi fruit is a fruit rich in edible sugars as well as an excellent supply of healthy minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and calcium. Low calorie fruit is also considered.
    According to modern research, scientists say that eating kiwi fruit after a heavy meal not only improves digestion but also eliminates the feeling of fullness of stomach and discomfort. This unique fruit contains a unique mixture. Helps digest red meat, dairy products and protein found in fish.

    Dr. Nodip Kaur, of the University of Massachusetts in New Zealand, who is the lead author of this research report, says that after eating kiwi fruit, a large amount of digestive fluid is released in the stomach and intestines, which leads to protein in the small intestine. Accelerates the absorption of protein and improves overall protein utilization throughout the body.

    Researchers say that faster and more complete absorption of protein from foods is possible because kiwi fruit naturally contains an enzyme or enzyme that is not found in any other fruit. The name of this natural enzyme Actinidin.
    According to research, if the body does not get any other enzyme that digests food, then only the enzyme present in kiwi fruit is enough to digest food.
    This suggests that if you eat kiwi fruit after eating chicken, especially those who have poor digestion, you will not have indigestion. It contains more vitamin C than sangtra which keeps the body’s immune system active.



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