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    Benefits of Beetroot | today Latest Health Tips & Tricks

     Benefits of Beetroot | today Latest Health Tips & Tricks

    Benefits of Beetroot | today Latest Health Tips & Tricks
    Benefits of Beetroot | today Latest Health Tips & Tricks

    Beetroot is a common vegetable. It is actually the root of a plant that has a sweet taste and everything from the skin to the inner pulp is red like blood. This is the favorite food of vegetarians. It has many benefits. It is an effective source of energy for athletes, protects against cancer and lowers the level of high blood pressure.
    The most beneficial thing in beetroot is the extraordinary amount of nitrates in it. Understand that every gram of beetroot contains about the same amount of nitrate.  Recent research has shown that nitrates in beetroot lower blood pressure.

    A 2010 study at Queen Mary University of London found that drinking 250 ml of beetroot juice daily could lower blood pressure for several hours.
    It has also been observed that the higher the blood pressure, the lower the beetroot juice. Reduce blood pressure by up to 10%. Nitrates have the advantage of lowering blood pressure because the beneficial bacteria in the mouth and intestines convert nitrates into nitric oxide.
    This gas calms the blood vessels and dilates them, allowing the blood to circulate more freely in the body.
    Studies by the University of Exeter show that nitrates not only lower blood pressure but also increase physical energy and endurance. One study found that adults who drank 520 ml of beetroot juice They exercised 16 percent longer than other young people who were given other beverages without nitrates.
    Experts working on the study said that nitrates work in combination with other antioxidants in beets, which require less oxygen to the muscles. They are able to work longer and Get tired late

    Increase mental capacity:

    A 2011 study by Wake Forest University of North Carolina found that consuming beetroot juice could delay the onset of dementia.
    This is probably because nitric oxide increases blood flow to the brain. Beetroot also contains significant amounts of folic acid. Folic acid also plays a role in protecting against Alzheimer’s disease.
    Beetroot contains a pigment called betacyanin which gives beetroot its title.
     A study by Harvard University in Washington found that “betasyanin” reduced the growth rate of prostate and breast cancer cells by 12.5%. Doctors advise cancer patients to eat at least one kilo of beetroot daily.
    In addition, nutritionists recommend the use of beets in the treatment of digestive disorders.
     If two or three small-sized beetroot eats about 100 grams, it can provide 10% of the daily recommended amount and stimulates the intestines and wastes it.  The various antioxidants in beetroot, such as betalain, vulgaxanthin and betanin, combine to form glutathione. Helps the liver to excrete toxins.
    According to nutritionists, if beetroot is eaten in large quantities or its juice is drunk, the color of urine may turn pink which is not a cause for concern.



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