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    اڑوسا۔ A healthy plant |

    Orissa is a famous plant. It is also known as bamboo. It is widely grown in Pakistan. It is also seen in many places in Karachi. It is often planted in nurseries and gardens. It is very easily available. It may be. Its dried leaves can also be obtained from local pharmacies. The leaves are similar to mangoes and are five to six inches long, but are softer and more delicate than mango leaves.

    The flowers are white. The leaves and bark taste bitter, but there is a slight sweetness in the faucet under the flower. The bees collect honey by sucking this sweetness. Its branches are mostly from the root. They go out and move upwards.

    All parts of this shrub or plant, namely leaves, flowers, roots, bark and fruits are used as medicine.

    Nature has given it the property to cure lung diseases, cough, asthma and tuberculosis.

    Bamboo cleans the lungs by expelling mucus. It is anti-putrefaction (rot) and killer germs, so it is especially useful in diseases like whooping cough and tuberculosis. It removes blood sputum and prevents fever.

    Mixing three grams of honey or one gram of crushed ginger in 10 grams juice (water) of its leaves and licking it cures cough, asthma and tuberculosis.

    Boil 20 grams of leaves or root in water and sift it in a cloth and then add one gram of peppercorns

    Even if they have exaggerated, it is certain that bamboo is one of the specific medicines for tuberculosis (long pepper) powder in it and drink it. . If there is bleeding with mucus, watering the leaves of Arusa has amazing benefits. This plant is widely used by the authorities. Patients with tuberculosis and hemorrhage (bleeding) should hope for healing. and cough. One of the recipes for bamboo meal is to extract half a kilo of bamboo leaf juice and mix one kilo of native sugar in it to make syrup and lick 10 to 20 grams daily in the morning, afternoon and evening. ۔

    In case of cough and fever, boil 5 grams each of bamboo root and melathi and drink it mixed with 20 grams of honey, it is a very useful medicine.

    In case of cold and flu in children, when the child has cough and wheezing, coat the bamboo leaves and extract the juice and mix it with a little honey in 10 grams juice and give it warm drink.

    Bamboo leaves and root water are also used to treat arthritis and rheumatic pains.

    This decoction is also useful in itching and other skin diseases due to its high level of antiseptic properties.

    Grinding the green leaves or flowers of Arusa on the affected eyes and applying a semi-warm paste is beneficial. Boil its leaves in water and wash the wounds with this water or make a leaf paste and apply it on the dirty wounds or fistula. The skin gets better.

    Bamboo salt:

    Burn the intact bamboo plant and dissolve it in water. If the ashes settle down, slowly wash off the water. The ashes cannot get into the water. Then put this water on the stove and dry it. Feed the moon two or three times a day.

    لعوقِ بانسہ:

    It is very useful. Take one kg of fresh bamboo leaf juice, one pound of desi sugar, 40 grams of long pepper and 40 grams of ghee (beef) and cook on low heat.

    When the honey becomes thick, take it off the fire and let it cool down. Then add a pound of honey in it. Feed the patient from 6 grams to 15 grams. Tuberculosis, rib pain, old and new cough, asthma and mouth. It is very useful in bleeding. Authorities also feed it in epilepsy, hysteria and insanity.

    Flower Sugar Bamboo:

    Bamboo flower flower sugar is also made.

    The recipe is as follows: Take bamboo flowers, mix them three times with local sugar and mix them well in the palms of your hands. It is very useful in relieving pain and cough. If blood comes, it stops it. Like bamboo leaf juice, bamboo root syrup is also made.



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