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    Prince Harry allegedly needs ‘nothing to do’ with Ruler Andrew.

    Sovereign Harry and Ruler Andrew allegedly “need nothing to do with one another, to some extent concerning optics.”

    Regal master and analyst Daniela Elser made these disclosures.

    “Something abnormal is continuing at present, in the bizarre universe of sovereignty,” she cautions. No, I mean furious lords and their furious children and television arrangements and lip sparkle and canine dishes. I’m not into casual chitchat and a constant absence of embraces. Goodness.”

    As per NZ Envoy, “Lances believe nothing should do with one another, to some extent concerning optics.”

    While Sovereign Harry detests being ‘libbed’ with his uncle for purportedly being engaged with a well known pedophile, a similar uncle would rather not move into a more modest domain than he’s utilized to.

    “However, similar to it or not the two coalitions are presently joined by something different, specifically some exceptionally terrible news about the will,” Ms Elser added prior to closing down.



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