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    Compatriots are involved in the killing of the Pakistani nation.

    Bed / Gujranwala: Having a drop-scene of the case of a Pakistani killed in the state of the United Arab Emirates

    According to Express News, a person named Nisrat from Gujranwala was arrested two days ago, after which the police accidentally killed the evidence and started the case call.

    When your CID police contacted the Gujranwala police to tell the address of the blog’s house from the special cell, it was found that it was the walla walla of Khyuki area of ​​Alipur Chhata.

    When the CIA contacted the team of this cell in Kheuki, there was a clue that the murder had been carried out, which the police told the police that the deceased and a man named Abbas were suspected to be involved.

    When the police arrested Abbas Abbas, he revealed that he accepted a marriage proposal from an element. The police got the information about arresting the accused that the wife of one of the elements is also involved in the incident and the murder after escaping.



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