Heart diseases In Different Ages Person

Heart diseases In Different Ages Person
Heart diseases In Different Ages Person

Heart diseases In Different Ages Person

Heart diseases In Different Ages Person
Heart diseases In Different Ages Person

Heart Disease human beings have made their lives so easy by progressing that today heartache, that is, angina has become a deadly problem all over the world. According to a report released recently by the World Health Organization. At present, heart diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Every year, one crore eighty-six million people die of heart disease.

The rate of heart diseases is also very high in our country. In developing countries, factors such as low income, unemployment and mental stress are causing an increase in heart diseases in the poor and lower classes, while convenience in the rich. Overeating, high blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes etc. are its factors.

Heart disease never occurs suddenly, some or the other symptoms indicate the disease, but due to lack of awareness, these specific symptoms are not paid attention to and when the severity of the disease increases or any complications arise. If so, a physician is consulted at that time and this delay, especially in a heart attack, is often fatal.

There are a few basic symptoms of a heart attack, which can reduce the chances of complications and death if the patient is taken to the hospital immediately. The wave is felt moving towards the left arm, jaw or neck. Along with this, cold sweat starts and the patient complains of nausea.

Apart from this, chest pain, heaviness or pain in the left arm while walking or climbing stairs are also symptoms of heart trouble. If you are outside your office or see someone else in this situation, call emergency services immediately.

Sudden heart attack is a major problem of modern times, which is caused by cholesterol and blood clots in the heart arteries. Blood, diabetes, obesity, obesity and hereditary diseases etc. are included. It is not necessary that heart diseases appear in a particular age and gender, they can affect young people, children and old people regardless of gender. Which is detailed below:

A disorder in youth

In the last two years, during the Corona days, there have been more reported cases of heart attacks among young people (especially those aged 30-40 years) due to unemployment, staying awake at night, violent indoor video games, loneliness, self- harm. Distance from loved ones, sitting for a long time and blood clotting in case of corona virus etc.

Also, smoking was already common among the youth, but now the trend of e-cigarettes and vaping is also increasing rapidly, especially young children consider vaping more enjoyable and this is the reason why school boys, girls are falling prey to this addiction quickly. Although e-cigarettes do not contain cancer-causing chemicals, the nicotine in them directly affects the lungs and heart, so the majority of young people opt for OP. D comes to the OPD with complaints of increased or irregular heartbeat and when asked for details, the use of e-cigarettes or vaping comes up.

Since excessive use of e-cigarettes these days is causing heart muscle weakness or heart attacks, parents should keep a close eye on their children. If anyone using e-cigarettes experiences irregular heartbeat or shortness of breath, they should immediately consult their physician and have an ECG performed if prescribed.

Women and heart disease

Allah Ta’ala has created woman with a sensitive and delicate heart, that’s why the main cause of heart diseases in women is considered to be nervous tension. Women should take care of themselves along with household responsibilities that this proverbial reality. A healthy mother is the guarantor of a healthy society. In low-income households, most women feed their families, especially children, with good food. It weakens the heart.

It should be remembered that if a pregnant woman is undernourished, the chances of heart muscle weakness or heart attack increase. Similarly, women with diabetes and high blood pressure are also at risk of heart attack or heart failure. 50 It increases after the age of years. Also after menopause (menopause) many women have heart attacks with common symptoms.

Symptoms such as panic, nausea, sweating and shortness of breath in women with diabetes can be a “silent heart attack”, and it is important to keep blood pressure and diabetes under control to stay safe. Apart from this, the medicine should be taken regularly as per the instructions of your doctor. You must have your check-up every year with the advice of a cardiologist.

Many women are reluctant to undergo diagnostic tests. Remember that tests like ECG and ETT are helpful in timely diagnosis and treatment.

Elderly people and heart diseases

This is the reason why people over 60 years of age are more prone to heart diseases.

Elderly people suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure should keep their disease under control. Heart attack can be avoided even by avoiding smoking. It is very important for elderly people to take blood thinners (disprin). Eligible Get regular medical check-ups for elderly people, try to take them for a

Daily walk in the park, give fast digestible foods with increasing age, besides eating barley porridge and garlic is also useful.

30 minutes of daily walking or exercise is essential to prevent heart diseases. Eat a balanced diet, seasonal fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Make vinegar, olives, garlic and barley porridge an integral part of your diet. It is better to eat a date for dessert after a meal. Eat sugar and honey instead of white sugar. Avoid sleeping immediately after eating.

Do not eat food on a full stomach. Drink water before eating. Drink cold water from matka in hot summer. At high places, where oxygen is less (eg Skardu, Murri etc.) Avoid strenuous exercise. It has been observed that in such places, when people go on holiday with their families, they suddenly suffer heart attacks, one of the reasons being physical exertion beyond their capacity.

Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure should take their medicines regularly and have an ETT once a year. Be happy yourself and those who live with you. Saying good things is also a charity. Be kind to your family. Be kind and also give gifts to each other, because it increases mutual love. Give good news to people, help them, because sharing happiness among people brings real happiness to your heart. , which is helpful in keeping the heart healthy apart from relieving stress.

It is very important to prevent the new generation from smoking, e-cigarettes, vaping and all kinds of drugs. In case of weight gain, try to control it by eating a balanced diet and walking daily. People who have hereditary obesity. I am suffering, they can get help from modern weight loss surgery. Also, there are some medicines available in the market, which can be taken to lose weight, but these medicines should be taken with the permission of your doctor. If heart diseases are common in one’s family, i.e. hereditary, they should get tested every year from the age of 20 with the advice of a cardiologist, so that they are protected from sudden heart problems. Keep in mind that a healthy heart is the guarantee of a healthy life.


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