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    Bangladesh has to become a nuclear power

    Bangladesh has to become a nuclear power

    Bangladesh has to become a nuclear power

    One would have thought that the question of apologizing to the Bengalis for bringing Bangladesh and Pakistan closer could be raised in a country where declaring a traitor is a very easy political activity. It should also be noted that Sheikh Mujib was not a traitor. This has happened fifty years later. The atmosphere in Lahore will never forget that a young Kamran Saeed Usmani has started a campaign in the vast lawn of his house to embrace the Bengali brothers.

    He was not alone. Youth leaders from all over the country were present on his voice.

    I was amazed.

    Like me in Bangladesh, the singer Alamgir and some V-lager were in a similar situation by zooming in online.

    At a time when real relations between Bangladesh and Pakistan have become extremely weak and visas have been revoked, getting a Bangladeshi visa has become even more difficult and unavoidable than the US visa process. Let’s stand up and listen to the eternal enemy slogans of the day and get upset and bang your head.

    … What is this going to be? How are Bengalis getting into the hearts of Pakistani youth? We were separating Balochistan and Kamran Saeed Usmani, a young leader of Gandhi Jamhoori Watan Party is making a new history in the yeast of Balochistan. It was a painful evening for snakes and scorpions like India.

    Under the banner of Pak-Bangla All Parties, the youth shouted and said that we should apologize to the Bengalis.

    As a big brother, we are saddened by them. In order to strengthen our cultural, economic and defense ties with Bangladesh, we have to make peace in Dhaka even after such evenings. With this, Hindu-majority settlements are going to be settled. Bangladesh is being removed from Pakistan, so in these circumstances, Pakistan should go ahead and support Bangladesh.

    All parties also said that in order to teach India a lesson, it was necessary for Pakistan to provide assistance to its brother Bangladesh in building a nuclear power. It should be given a surprise during the tenure of the government and it should be said that the Pakistani nation should not be blamed for the mistakes of some politicians.

    Some mistakes were also made by the Bengalis, the Pakistani nation does not want to repeat them. For the fulfillment of the unfulfilled dream of peace and love, all should be forgotten and become one. Through cultural relations, the two countries can be one again.

    Kamran Saeed Usmani spoke very forcefully. Suggesting to turn spiritual relationships into bloody ones, he stated his agenda that we will also arrange marriages of Bengali and Pakistani boys and girls from this forum.

    If this agenda of Kamran Saeed Usmani is successful then Bengalis and Pakistanis living in two countries can become one nation again. If East and West Berlin can be one again then why East and West Pakistan. No one can be one. This will be the magic that will unite the 150 million Muslims of Bangladesh and 22 million Muslims of Pakistan and empower the 32 million Muslims living in India.



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